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77.jpgThe enterprise concept of the fire light of AED

Business philosophy: responsible for light

Enterprise philosophy: respect and return every partner, achieve self, show value;

Corporate creed: truth, steadiness, passion and breakthrough;

Enterprise spirit: heart, initiative, mutual assistance, win-win;

Enterprise goal: to build a first-class private enterprise in China;

Enterprise policy: cultivate excellent talents, provide efficient products and services, and create quality life.

Enterprise values of anlton fire lamp

Product concept: take products as carrier, meet and create demands, and improve consumers' quality of life and taste;

Employee view: employees are the source of enterprise profits. We use gratitude to repay equal treatment and humanized welfare and development space;

Talent view: the right one is the best one, which can be applied in training, and return to the development space;

Customer view: customer identification is the foundation of our existence and the embodiment of our value; select quality customers, provide efficient products and services, enhance mutual competitiveness and achieve win-win results;

Development concept: no successful enterprise develops at the expense of its customers. Comprehensive and balanced development is the basis for its steady and strong development.

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