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How to install the fire emergency light and what are the maintenance methods of the emergency light?

Issuing time:2020-02-11 21:29

How to install and install the fire emergency light? What are the maintenance methods of the emergency light?

In the daily inspection of emergency lights, it is found that there are many problems in the selection, installation and use of fire emergency lights. Therefore, the power supply control mode and wiring mode of the emergency lighting system should be reasonably selected, and the daily maintenance work should be done well, which will directly affect the role of the fire emergency lighting system. What is the installation and maintenance of emergency light provided by the following small compilation?

1. In the engineering design, in order to facilitate the maintenance and management at ordinary times, the fire emergency lighting should be powered by the special feed automatic emergency lighting electric circuit.

2. In order to ensure the reliability of the power supply for the fire emergency lighting, the low-voltage emergency bus section of the substation should be used if possible, that is, when the diesel generator set is used as the emergency power supply, as long as the generator is put into use, it will have power to continue to ensure power supply.

3、 In case of fire, there is less smoke and more oxygen near the ground, and the instinctive response of evacuation is to bend or crawl forward, so the local high illumination lighting is more effective than the uniform illumination brought by high installation. Therefore, low level installation should be advocated, that is to provide evacuation emergency lighting near the ground or at the ground height.

4. The emergency lights are all discharged from the factory. Before use, they must be charged for 20 hours before discharging.

5. The performance of emergency lamps in use shall be checked regularly, and the continuous switch test shall be carried out every half month or one month to check the circuit conversion and emergency function of the battery, and discharge shall be carried out to extend the service life of the battery.

6. Do a good job in fire protection of power distribution lines. When laying in a concealed way, it shall be laid in a non combustible structure with a thickness of protection layer of not less than 30mm. When laying in an open way, it shall wear a metal pipe, and apply fire-proof coating or other fire-proof measures on the outside of the steel pipe. The lines shall use fire-proof cables or fire-resistant cables and wires.

What are the maintenance methods of fire emergency lights?

1. The fire emergency light shall be installed or stored in a dry and ventilated place without corrosiveness.

2. Try to avoid impact and knock when using fire emergency light.

3. Check the operation status of the lamps and lanterns regularly every month, and pay attention to whether the working indicator lights work normally.

4. In normal use, the lamp shall be charged every six months to avoid early failure of the battery.

5. When the lamp is not used for a long time, the battery shall be discharged and vented. When the lamp is operated again, it shall be charged for about 18-24 hours before the lamp can work normally.

6. In order to better protect the light source and reflection from dust, the product specially sets a beautiful dust cover on the lamp head (it can be used or not).

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